Jim Franklin recently purchased a home for $300,000 on which he made a down payment f $1 00,000. He obtained a 30-year mortgage to finance the balance on which he pays a fixed annual rate of6%. Ifhe makes regular, fixed monthly payments, what loan balance will remain just after the 48th payment? A. $94,615. B. $186,109. C. $189,229. D. $192,444.


Didn’t we just do this? C

thank you map

you’re right I came in a little bit late I’m just doing sample exam right now and I already stuck with the first quant question :< it is so simple when someone show you how to do it with the calculator !!! I think that there are a lot of miracle in this that I might not know, but i’m too nervous right now to read the manual…! (maybe for Dec !!) I only use some function like: CF, Bonds, PV, FV, stat, but i discovered the amortization function today, as far as it’s before the 7th, It’s never too late :>

Those are the main ones. That’s all you need.

You know you spend too much time on AF when…

i’m not sure to know what you mean… AF=???

Analyst Forum. Its interesting how some threads are committed to memory…