Is this question part of the course? Which of the following statements is FALSE? A) The interquartile range contains half the data points in the data set. B) The interquartile range is set at half the distance between the largest and smallest number in the data set. C) If the median is on the left side of the interquartile range the data is skewed to the left. D) Downside outliers are those observations below the first quartile less 1.5 times the interquartile range. The following q is a bit tricky. Based on the following data, what is ABC Co.'s projected growth rate? Bear Normal Bull Probability 30% 40% 30% ROE 10% 15% 30% b 60% 40% 30% A) 5.0. B) 7.0. C) 7.5. D) 6.9. Fairly straightforward, Given the following sample data, find the standard deviation of the returns to stock A and stock B. Stock A Stock B Year 1 16% 20% Year 2 20% 24% Year 3 12% 10% A) Std. Dev. A = 3.3%; Std. Dev. B = 5.9%. B) Std. Dev. A = 4.0%; Std. Dev. B = 7.2%. C) Std. Dev. A = 5.7%; Std. Dev. B = 10.2%. D) Std. Dev. A = 6.3%; Std. Dev. B = 11.2%.

B, D, and I have no idea what the 3rd question is asking.

third is simply asking the std deviations.

so the third is B then?

is #3 C??? sigma = sq rt of sum of square deviations. is expected val of Stock a = 16%?

I believe #3 is B. 7.2 for Stock B. Have use n-1 for a sample!

Thats what my BaII plus came up with, have I mentioned how much I love it yet?