sample size increases ---- sandard error becomes smaller increase in sample size---- increases degrees of freedom… how does this reduce the reliability factor? what is the reliability factor exactly?

depending on your level of significance for the test, either the z-score or the t-score used

The Reliability factor is the z or t score. the t tests are more conservative than z tests (i.e wider interval). Is that what you are referring to?

correct!! t-critical and z-critical are the Reliability factors, with t-test being more conservative. - Dinesh S

ok so then if you are looking at the 99% ci and you use the z and t test… the t test will be wider – this means more values will fall w/ in the ci… thus it is more conservative? i got it now i think thanks

"The Reliability factor is the z or t score. " Where do you find such sentences??

is it?

This “reliability factor” is some study guide or CFAI made-up term. For example, the index of “Testing Statistical Hypothesis” by Lehmann (affectionately known as TSH by stat grad students everywhere) does not include the term.