For SS’s 2-3, anyone know what the most important (i.e. need to know or not skip) topics? There are just too many LOS’s in these SS’s.

whats in quant ss2-3? is that time value of money, net present value and all that? (i am at work, dont have text with me) i think for that section the main thing is know how to use a calculator, and being able to work out problems with it.

SS2 is TVM and Statistical Concepts and Mkt Returns & SS3 is Probability

its all on the test and they are all important topics to know if you plan to be an analyst

Some of the most important topics in the whole program!

You need to know all the Quant material. Anyone who tells you to skip a particular section is only doing you a disservice. Take it slow. But make sure that you cover it all.

I’m having difficulty with probability material @ the end of SS2 and just started SS 3, which is all related to probability distributions. I still havent looked @ FRA and ECON. Should I just skip the probability sections for now and revisit them later and begin looking @ FRA and ECON? I dont want to spend too much on Quant, given FRA and ECON has many SS’s and I’m planning to keep the month of May strictly for review. That being said, is it possible to finish Quant, FRA, and ECON by the end of April? Please advice. Thanks!

How much time are you devoting to CFA prep every week?

I haven’t measured it but I spend majority of my discretionary time studying. I don’t think I’m efficient, sometimes I try to master something before moving on or just get stuck and realize later, I should of just moved on. I passed all 4 parts of the CPA exam, so I have a pretty decent accounting background. Do you think 3-4 weeks on FRA is sufficient time to prepare for this section or is it too long?

3-4 weeks is more than enough for FRA, especially given your background. Seriously… don’t get phased (is that how it’s spelt?) by the thickness of the FRA CFA book.You really probably know at least a third of the material quite well already.