Quantitative - confidence interval

Given following points: (-2,0), (-1,0), (0.1), (1,1) and (2,3) What is critical value to determine a confidence interval for a 90% level of confidence? Pls give me yr solution. Many thanks!

Is that a distribution u r talking about?

Confidence interval for what? (and that middle point should be (0,1) not (0.1), yes? Is this a linear regression problem?

Thank so much for yr interest. I am quitely sorry you all. I made a mistake for typing that question. Middle point is (0,1) as Joey said. The question is that what is critical value for 5 points as given above, not what is confidence interval. Joey, it is not linear regression prolem. This exam is regarding t-distribution. sample size, n = 5 (5 points) level of significance, alpha = 10% ==> what is critical t-value?