Quantitative Porotfolio Management

Is anyone here working on this kind of thing ? Can you tell me what is required ? My C++ IS VERY GOOD and so is my statistics.I learn that econometrics and time series is pretty important too .can someone pm me and tell me ?

IQ of 135-145

Your C++ is good? what?

Write a template metaprogram with Loop unrolling? Now go figure…

Yes this is the range for someone to be good in this field .

you said you are good? write the ******* programme now…

^Grow up young man. Act like your age. Also stop calling me on WhatsApp ,our business outside has no place here .

I didn’t know that you could afford a phone. Oops

Which BPO Company do you work for?

PM me or text me.


+1 for banning atush, growing down like CvM.

^I would take that as a compliment. Thanks.