Quantitative Research Analyst

I was hoping to get some feedback about this position at Alliance Bernstein, particularly on whether this would serve as a worthwhile “foot in the door” into the buy side industry and what exactly “provide equity analytics support” would entail: - Analyst will be responsible for the timely availability and quality of the attribution reports - Analyst will provide equity analytics support - Analyst will also work on other quantitative, data related, reporting, and operational projects. - Strong Excel and people skills - 4-5 years experience The “operational projects” part is somewhat unnerving. Any other comments are welcome.

i would at least get the interview if you can. if you are concerned about the operational duties, ask about them in the interview. the operations people at our fund actually have pretty sweet exposure. they build huge networks by working with JV partners, deal with financial models (gaining understanding of JV underwriting), and interact with senior managing directors on a regular basis. in short, if the only thing holding you back is the potential for operational work, find out what it entails and what % of your time would be allocated to it.

Definitely worth interviewing for. Sounds like PMs and the like will be asking you to “just check out this model for me and let me know the results,” and you will be responsible for making sure the data is clean and the report is presentable, and, of course, delivered yesterday. As they dump more and more on you, your “people skills” will become more essential (i.e. you will smile and say thanks for letting me add value to your process). By the way, I basically like most the people I’ve ever met at Alliance Bernstien. If you get called for an interview, be prepared for lots of brain-teasers.

Thanks apcarlso, bchadwick. It seems like something to definitely follow up on. Good to hear that the people you’ve met are good folks. From what I can gather, it seems like this firm has a pretty good reputation.

I got a case study during one of Alliance’s interviews. :slight_smile:

I’d love to work with AB, they have really smart people and the culture supports being nice to each other. I am told that they don’t pay as well, especially when you are a new hire, but if you fit in and produce they will boost you up to make sure you stay.

phBOOM Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I got a case study during one of Alliance’s > interviews. > > :slight_smile: Case studies are always fun…was your interview for a role similar to what I posted above? Also, did you receive/accept an offer from AB?