Quantitative - What is worth knowing

Hello All, I have been trying for the past couple of days to grasp a few things from the quantitative section. However, I feel like I have been wasting my time given that I cannot recall even 10% of the quant topic. So I was wondering, what must one absolutely know on Quant for exam day? Good luck with the revision.

I would try to know it all. IMHO, I don’t think anyone can afford to go 1 or 2 for 6 on an item set! Go through the EOC questions, they are pretty good. I would at least read the questions/answers…

You definitely need to be able to read the ANOVA tables and understand what the statistics are telling you. Be able to define/understand heteroskedsasiticty, serial/auto correlation, multicollinearty, f stat, f test, adjusted R2, etc…

i would try to know the stuff in the book

Agree with prophets…I actually wish quantitative methods was more heavily weighted as I believe this is such an important topic. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DR91Rj1ZN1Mhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DR91Rj1ZN1M

know how to detect problems in regression (heteroskadicity - breusch pagan chi squared, serial correlation - durbin watson, multicollinearity - compare f test results with individual parameter t test results) and how to solve those problems (white-corrected standard errors, hansen method (hansen also if u detect hetero & serial corr), dropping variables)… then move onto time series models and note how these problems/solutions differ … also do a couple questions where u have to use regression output to calc an expected value… cause that will also teach u what the regression output terms mean in case their is an easy question like what is dof for RSS when they give u dof for the other two (just do the algebra) gluck! ps this is off the top of my head so sorry if anything is wrong

quant is dumb

sdanalyst Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > quant is dumb +1 That’s the most truthful statement I’ve read all year :slight_smile:

I’ve made little sayings to help me remember stuff: The M/C had a good face but bad teeth. Multicolinearity is present when F test is significant but all t tests are not.

Now I’m really freaking because honestly I was planning to go into the exam and just pick and choose answers. What I’ll do is do all the EOC questions over and over again, as well as those in the CFA mocks. I guess, i’ll at least be able to figure out some of the answers.

A lot of quants material is memory game this time. I’d suggest watch videos repetitively, if you have any. Because Quants is easy to score IMO. Only the words are scary and it looks bad. But it’s not.