Hi think everything related to quants is just crap. Maybe it´s because i just dont seem to get most of it…its very frustrating…will hopefully to score 50% in this section and hoping that there will only be 1 vignette.

Agree… no matter how much I read or do the questions, I cant figure out the theory or the mechanics of it… I am going over it again tomorrow so we will see If I can get it… I just hope the (1) quant question gives many of the numbers and we just have to clarify what the problem is and how to fix it… I can do that…haha

The problem with the quant material in L2 is that it is a cookbook style presentation. It is a lot easier to get this stuff (and to remember the expressions, etc) when you are shown where the results come from. But on the other hand, that would have made the section a lot longer. If you are doing any kind of quantitative analysis of financial data, it is all pretty much essential material to at least have some familiarity with, if not mastery.

Quant for me was very intimidating at first. I remember the first time I read through the three chapters I saw my life flash before my eyes. I didn’t know which way was up. But looking over it a few more times and going through questions, I actually find it to be one of the easiest sections, almost gimme marks. Just keep practicing and finding the relationships in everything and it will all connect. The good think about this years quant is it’s just three chapters that all build on each other.

Just know the broad concepts. Know single and multiple linear regression and how to interpret the results. Time series may be a stretch, but know the terminology at least.