Quartic Training in London

Hi there, Am just looking into Training Providers in London and was wondering if anyone has experience of Quartic Training in London (either level I or II). Have seen posts with experience of the chief exec (Nicholas Blain) at other companies, but nothing specifically on Quartic. I like the website, but as a new company it’s difficult to judge. Thanks in advance Ross

Hi, I am also looking for a training provider in London. I used BPP for lvl 1. I attended a one 3 day session, two 2 day sessions and a revision course (inc mock exam) - I didnt rate them, the revision course was ok but the mock exam questions were different from the style of question in the exam. I scored less than 40% in the BPP mock which I took a couple of weeks before the real thing (which I passed). I have heard that UKSip is running a revision course in April - i’m keen to findout if anyone has any experience of the course. Anyone got any thoughts ?

ross, was thinking the same. be curious to find out more rcourtney, i did the uksip one in london last year. very good especially the accounting stuff. sadly i failed but probably burnt myself as had weeks after the course when i did not do that much study.

cjb001, Is this the same course that you attended last yr ? http://www.cfauk.org/assets/0/Koppel___Wiley_Revision_Course_brochure.pdf The only problem is that the start of april seems too early to be attending a revision course. It would be better if it was at the start of may - otherwise you run the danger of not covering all the material before attending

Thats the one. it was excellent.

Thanks - will look into it

Dates look good … i like the choice of Weekday, weekend or evening courses http://www.quartic-training.co.uk/cfa/professional_courses/bookings Would be great to hear form someone that has attended in the past …

Hi Ross, and Others, I recently passed Stage 1 at the first attempt after preparing with Quartic and I must say the experience was very positive. I previously studied for my accountancy exams at BPP, and I found it a bit factory-farmed. Perhaps because they are a newer outfit, the tutelage at Quartic feels more personal and supportive. The CEO, Nick Blane, is excellent - he brings a lot of real investing experience to the lessons. I’m certainly going to be doing my Stage 2 training with them.

i also did level 1 with Quartic and will do level 2 with them if my company allow As quartic are starting out - i see one of their strengths is they can tailor the programme to individual needs - i.e experience, timing etc Nick is very good teacher with lots of exeperience, which means their other tutors have big shoes to fill

Thanks for the comments everyone. I’m going to go with them based on this and what I’ve read elsewhere. Worth noting that they have definitely been the most responsive to deal with so far - 7city were good getting back to me, but BPP were slow and their salespeople talk like dodgy estate agents (my best mate, who is a qualified CFA, also had the experience of BPP materials not matching the exam, and failed with them - nightmare) The evening course which I’ll be on is not run by Nick, so I hope he’s picked his tutors carefully - going to an open evening tomorrow to meet mine.