Que Viva Brasil!

Any country that hosts an annual 'Miss Bumbum" pagent is ok in my book. I must visit one day.


Actually the bumbum is also called “a preferencia nacional,” which is a recognition to contrast Brazil’s national identity (at least the male heterosexual one) against the fact that Americans, Italians, Germans, and (OMG!) Argentines are more into “the rack” (as evidenced by IEV’s many posts on the subject).

Brazil had a very large slave population (about 50% of all african slaves brought to the Americas ended up in Brazil), but there was less racial hatred in Brazil compared to the US. Slaves were allowed to own property and even purchase their freedom (see the story of Chico Rei, who not only bought his own freedom, but those of his entire tribe). Even in colonial times, I seem to recall that the Portuguese crown had little issue in elevating some blacks to the nobility. As a result, there was much more racial mixing, as the range of colors and the shape of the bumbum shows.

In recent years, however, globalization has made many in Brazil start doing breast augmentation surgery, particularly in the south, where there was more German and Italian immigration, and where modeling scouts tend to search for new stars.

Although IEV I’m sure approves of this reconquista cisplatana, I personally am more of a traditionalist when it comes to admiring brasileiras.

I’m struggling to remember the comedian, I think it was John Cleese, that rips people apart for beginning a sentence with “actually.” The basic premise is anytime you tell a joke or say something interesting and the first word out of another person’s mouth is “actually” they’re a douchebag. They’re either trying to be funny by picking apart your joke (an unsuccessful method 100% of the time), a smart ass, or they’re being a condescending prick.

I had never noticed it before, but now it’s all I can think about whenever someone begins a response with “actually.” The comedian is absolutely correct. Now I go out of my way not to say it.

From Google:

ac·tu·al·ly /ˈakCHo͞oəlē/ Adverb

  1. As the truth or facts of a situation; really: “the time actually worked on a job”.
  2. Used to emphasize that something someone has said or done is surprising: “he actually expected me to be pleased about it!”.
    Synonyms really - in fact - indeed - truly - as a matter of fact

Actually, the truth of the matter is that “actually” can be used at the beginning of a sentence stating the truth or facts of a situation. And, actually, the bumbum is referred to as the “preferencia nacional” in Brazil. :wink:

However, I probably would enjoy hearing the comidic rip. :wink:

Actually, my intent wasn’t to passively-aggressively call you names. I really can’t read “actually” at the beginning of a sentence without immediately thinking about the bit. And, I’m pretty sure it was Cleese, is right. It’s just kind of a rude way to start a sentence.

Consider it more of a PSA.

Actually, you (or actually John Cleese) are (is) probably correct. People who start sentences with “actually” very likely are douchebags. It only comes out when they are talking to an idiot though and need to constantly correct something that idiot has said.

Miss Bumbum notwithstanding, why is it almost always the people you would prefer to keep their pants on who insist on dropping them? This was a sidebar on the Miss Bumbum article:


Warning: some of these folks will make you lose your lunch.

Interesting. Actually, I havent heard that before but after reading that thread it’s impossible to not think about how douchey it is to start a sentence with that word. It’s like it clicked and you can’t unclick it anymore…

Well, one of the two people in that picture is relatively attractive. So, there is a 50% success rate based on this one data point.

epic, on multiple levels.

Don’t worry. I wasn’t offended. I was just returning the jest. (hence the smileys :slight_smile: )

I did have to go look it up and see if I was misusing it. Since I can’t bench press 400 lbs like Mr. Vayner could, I must find other ways to channel my inner d-bag, and maybe using “actually” at the beginning of a sentence is it!

Here’s a bit of a rant on the word “actually,” and now I can see why people find it objectionable. I gues I probably will try to use that word less, unless I actually want to use those overtone.


bchad reads my mind.

( . Y . )

Go through the rest of the slide show. You’ll never think of Superman in the same way again.

i don’t get it. explain it to me like i was a 3rd grader.

^ This isn’t going to turn into another Objectivism debate is it?

^no sometimes i just like to talk about women’s butts. leave it to bchad to turn it into a history lesson.

IEV is Argentine (or at least spent a lot of time there, I’m not sure which). So he likes “racks.” Whereas traditionally, Brazilians like bumbums. I happen to like the Brazilian bumbum and while I can appreciate a “rack,” it’s not what I care so much about. (For me, if I’m busy objectifying a woman, face is first, bumbum second, rack third. But intelligence and personality can change all of that (for better or worse), and can turn someone I wouldn’t normally notice into someone noticeable. And as I age, I notice that personality gets more and more important.)

The bit about the reconquista cisplatana, was mostly something for IEV. When Brazil and Argentina became independent of Portugal and Spain, it was unclear about whether what is now southern Brazil and Uruguay should be part of Argentina or part of Brazil. So there was a war between Brazil and Argentina (1825-1828) to control this region, which was called (by Brazilians) “Cisplatana,” which basically means “this side of the Rio de La Plata” (Argentina would be “transplatana,” or “the other side of the Rio de La Plata”). At the conclusion of the war, basically the agreement was that Urugay would exist independently, and not be part of either Argentina or Brazil. There were some that said that Rio Grande do Sul should be independent too, but that part stayed Brazilian, even if culturally (but probably not linguistically), they were very similar to Urugayans.

So the reconquista cisplatana was a reference be about the increase in Argentine-type preferences in Brazil, which, in terms of what kinds of plastic surgeries are preferred, would certainly be approved of by IEV. However, I still prefer the more traditional bumbum brasileira.

^ maybe another objectivism debate wouldn’t be so bad afterall, of course by objectivism debate I mean a debate on which part of the female anatomy we should objectify.

Just for the record, I’m in favor of surgery only to improve chicks’ self steem (i.e., chicks with an A cup or worse qualify). Now that we’re talking about it, it’s important to establish a useful framework to grade them. In general, firm natural C and D racks get the highest grades, followed by plastic ones if the chick had an A or worse before getting her implants, followed by natural A, and at the bottom of the IEV Rack Grading Index, AAs and “Flat like a dude”. The Index assumes a bra’s band size from 32 to 34, or up to 36 in case of cups C and D. Fat chicks aren’t graded.

IEV Rack Grading Index 2013

  1. Natural C or D
  2. Plastic C
  3. Plastic D
  4. Natural B
  5. Plastic B
  6. Natural E or above
  7. Plastic E or above
  8. A
  9. AA
  10. Flat like a dude

This is only a guideline and AFers are free to adjust it according to their preferences, as long as the “AA” and “Flat like a dude” cup categories remain at the bottom of their customized adjusted index.

I’m going to issue an extended Index definition adjusted by age and degree of firmness, but it will come in the form of a booklet, available on Amazon for $19.99. A percentage of the royalties will be donated to AF, specifically to bail out fellow AFers from prison (no questions asked, we don’t judge here on AF) and to pay for the Like and Dislike buttons.