Queen's MFIN vs Concordia(JMSB) MBA

Hi all.

I am sure I am not the only one to debate between mfin and mba. At this point I am trying to assess which would be better. I have passed CFA level 1 and due to sit for June level 2 exam. Meanwhile, I also want to get a graduate level education. I m looking to relocate from Montreal to Toronto work since it is a Canadian finance hub. The question is: should I pursue MBA from Concordia here in Mtl or do MFin in T? Basically, I think Queens is a more reputable school, and I am not yet able to justify $80K expense on a MBA at a better school.

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Send an email to my friend who is a president at an AM firm in Toronto.

Here it the email:

I would opt for the better name, although I know very little about the Canadian market or their schools.

Thank you for your response and a suggestion to send the resume to your friend. What is his name and email address please. Would I refer to you as a street fighter when I send him my resume?


both garbage

@ imthekingoftheworld

What make you say that?

^ Dude, they are both trolling a bit on you.

What are your career objectives? How does each school fit in with your career objectives? What’s the alumni network and opportunities look like? Does each program offer a co-op?