Query Cash flow statement.


I have studied a Cash flow statement many times. But, I am still finding it difficult to classify transaction against each category i.e CFO, CFF or CFI.

Does any1 of you have any trick or quick method to resolve this? So that I can memoriese it… …

Each time the cash flow things comes… my mind goes in confused state. :frowning:

Please remember US GAAP and IFRS treat few items differently, but here is a basic rule.

CFF : When corporation raise fund (cahs inflow, for example, bond issuance, equity) or make payments to its share holders, creditors ( cahs outflow: pay debt principal (but not interest), share repurchase etc).

CFI: When coporation sell its fixed assets(cash inflow, for example, sale of a machinery), or puchase fixed assets (cash outflow, for example, purchase of a building).

CFO : everything else which is not included into above.

Very important: please go through , how U.S. GAAP and IFRS classify few items under different category. On some items above rule might not apply.