Query for the 4 years working experience

I have worked for a Hotel starting from Jun 2015 to Aug 2018 and not sure if this experience counted. Can someone help me out?? Thanks a lot!!

My title is “Centralized Service Clerk - Finance department” for 2015 to 2017 and “Centralized Service Supervisor - Finance department” for 2018.

My duties as follows;

  1. Monitoring status of service contracts signed.
  2. Processing payments for our vendors after ensuring invoiced items are within contract scope.
  3. Prepare monthly accrual for service received but not pay yet. Clarify in case accrual amount provided by user department is not consistent with budget approved.
  4. Prepare reconciliation reports to analyze accrual aging schedule.
  5. Provide actual payment amounts to colleagues in order to ensure no significant departure from budget forecast.
  6. Inform manager for non-routine huge payment for purpose of cost controlling.
  7. Ensure payment is not delay in order to avoid increasing liability.
  8. Obtain additional legal/Compliance approval for new vendors before payment process.

Your experience doesn’t seem to qualify for the CFA charter.