Query from LII candidate

Would you guys suggest to read all the scandals included in CFAI text, the company financial statements (wherever noted), and the corporate governance practices, per say GE? Thanks in advance, Anish

if you have the time sure Go for it …it may help you understand the topic better Form what i have heard from some of the other people on here it can be omitted …

thank you

Believe this relates to financial shenanigans. Most of the questions would be on areas such as manipulation of revenue and expenses and the impact on current and future financial statements/ratios.

If I were you, I would read Schweser/Stalla, whichever you use, to get a focus on the reading, then go back to the CFAI to understand the details. I started with CFAI reading, I was totally lost what to focus on, before I knew it, my CFAI book was full of hightlighting on everywords.

I don’t recall anything like that being on the exam.