Query on an Ethics question

If a CFA Institute member believes that the activity of his or her co-workers is unethical or in violation of the Code and Standards, the member should: I. Confront the person engaging in the unethical conduct. II. Attempt to stop the behavior by bringing it to the attention of their employer. III. Dissociate from behavior by resigning, if necessary. I only. I and II. I, II and III. II only. Official answer is I,II,III and agreed by some members in this forum. Can anyone care to explain why? Choice II is obvious, III is weird but probably hence II and III should be included. But according to my past experience in doing ethics question, (I) was never a choice. What’s the use of confronting the person engaging in unethical conduct? The person may have been alarmed and destroy all the evidences regarding his/her misconduct before the manager knows and starts the investigation. Any thought to share on this please? In this case, lucky that there’s no option (II and III only), coz if there was I wouldnot choose (I, II, and III) option.

it is I, II and III since the big book says so!

please read page 17 second paragraph cfai text of guidance for standards. It clearly tells what cpk pointed!

Thanks guys! Matter is clear now. Appreciate much!