Query on membership application

While submitting the work experience requirement, was it to be done separately for the Institute and for the local society?

So the number of months worked is reflecting under the application to CFA Institute but its showing 0 under Submitted Work Experience Months for the local society.

Was there some option to submit separately? Wondering if I’ve made some error in the application.


From what I understand, your application was submitted correctly. I had the same question on my application, called CFA Institute and they told me that I submitted my application correctly.

I asked this last week. Turns out the society one will show as 0, you did it correctly.


My membership application shows the same - 2 rows - the CFA row shows work experience approved. CFA Society Boston have 0 for work experience, from this thread seems ok. Emailed CFA Institute to make sure.

Mine shows matching numbers in line 1 for submitted and approved work experience months, but status is still work experience review. Any idea how long it hangs with this status despite there being “approved” work experience months? I talked to my society and they said they automatically approve anything the CFAI does so I’m just hanging in limbo of approved months but still in review… It’s driving me insane. Do come back if you hear from CFAI and report what they said. I emailed them too but haven’t heard back.

I am in the same boat - my work experience was approved but it’s still in the work experience review status.


There wasn’t any issue in the application. Got the approval and paid the fee. So there wont be any issue for you guys as well.

Cfa_India - how long did the process take? Which local sociert did you join?

Went through pretty quickly… I applied on Monday morning and Tuesday late evening got the approval. Applied to the Indian Association of Investment Professionals / CFA India Society.

WTF. I applied last week and am still in 'work experience review" despite my 64 months showing approved…

I applied last Friday and am still in Work Experience Review…

I’m in London, UK

Still in work experience review. I’m in NYC, so I am guessing there are a lot of applicants from there.