Hi everyone,

I had given my level 1 this december but could not pass, got band 7 as i had prepared for only 2 months.

now, i am planning to give another attempt to this exam in december 2012.

Earlier i had purchased schweser study material and made my personal notes out of it to study but now as i came to know that the course is revised every year so i want to know that, do i have to purchase the study material again?.

If yes then, can i rely on my earlier notes prepared or do i have to do the exercise again?.

I would really appericiate if someone can just tell me the extent to which the course has been revised this year.

The June and December exams are the same. So, look at this Level I Curriculum Changes between June 2011 and June 2012. http://www.finquiz.com/cfa_level_1_curriculum_changes_2011_2012 I believe you get a 50% discount from Schweser if you fail

Thanks a lot for the informative link.

I would use your old schweser material and search the CFA page or contact them about any major topical changes. As long as the topic changes aren’t major, you’ll be fine, and if they are, you can use the free CFAi text in those areas. In a nutshell, being familiar with the core material (which is like 20 years old) is far more important in my mind than the few minor tweaks they may make (and that probably won’t even show up on the exam). They added time series to the quant section of level II my year and everyone freaked out, then they didn’t ask a single question on it after we spent all this time obsessing over it. So if you can save time and increase familiarity using your old text and notes, I’d do that, then focus your energies on Schweser QBank, the free end of chapter questions in the CFAi texts, and the sample quizes.

BTW, the material doesn’t change from June to December, but it does change from December to June.

@Black Swan:- Thanks, will be doing the same thing, using my old notes for study and will refer to CFAI textbooks for any changes in topics mentioned in above link.

Note that the whole economics was changed…

^If that’s the case, then use the free cfa texts for econ after you’ve reviewed your notes. But realistically I find that unlikely. The L1 concepts are very basic (elasticity, demand, etc) and it’s not like the field of econ has changed overnight.

The economics section hasn’t changed much.

Yea economics is one of those areas that I find very unlikely to change a great deal. Micro and Macro econ in L1 is way too basic