Question about '08 DC Level 1

Does anybody have a general idea of where in DC the testing center is going to be? I know that the center can change, but if anybody knows where it has been in the past, I’d like to know. I’ll be flying in on the 5th, likely into Reagan, unless if the testing center is going to be located closer to Dulles. I am only somewhat familiar with the area (mainly the Crystal City area of Arlington, VA) so I’d like as much time as possible to plan my trip and get my plane ticket early. Thanks guys.

Well in 2007 the exam was given at the Dullus expo center which is 10 minutes from Dullus. If you fly into reagan… you better get there the day before and find a hotel near the dullus expo center in Chantilly, VA.

I know the 06 and 07 tests were in Chantilly, as the other poster mentioned, but last year (June 08) it was given in downtown DC, which is a pretty painless metro ride from Raegan. Not sure if that’s going to be their new location from now on.

Thanks for the replies. I appreciate it.

eschizzle are you from the D.C Metro?!?!?!?