Question about 2012 Vitalsource books.

Hi, I bought the 2011 Vitalsource books for level 1 and intended to use them on my iPad. I didn’t end up using them because the app did not have an automatic fit to page setting. Does anyone know if there’s been an update or if the books are different this year?

It’s the VitalSource app that controls everything, not the books. If the new VitalSource update (which came out around 6/2011) doesn’t let you scale to fit, then it won’t work. CFA Level II Live blogging @

Thanks. I wasn’t sure if whatever the CFAI provided Vitalsource had any effect on what the Vitalsource app was able to display.

As far as I can tell Vitalsource is just showing a copy-protected version of the PDF scans. That’s why the pages aren’t optimized for iPad. It would be great if they fit to the page like the Kindle app, but that hasn’t stopped me from using VS so far.