Question about annual report on AMD stock

Hi, this question isn’t really regarding the CFA exam but I was hoping to get some assistance regarding a stock that I’m trying to analyze for myself as educational purposes. I am currently using AMD financial statements as an example.

This is the link for the annual report on AMD.

I am currently looking at the balance sheet and the cash flow statement and I can’t seem to get my head around regarding the long term debt…

basically beginning LTD in 2018 is $1325, ending LTD in 2018 is $1114, new LTD issued in 2018 is $0, debt repaid in 2018 is $41 which is a net LTD of $41 repaid but the difference should be ($1114-$1325) = $221 repaid, which is a difference of $180… can any explain this situation???

I was hoping if someone could kindly share their experience and insight when analyzing financial statements, any input is greatly appreciated. This is my first stock I am analyzing so please understand if this is an obvious one for most of you.

Thank you for your time

Would the $180 then move out of long term debt and into the current portion of long term debt as a current liability? This seems to match an effective debt life of 5.99 and 6.19 years in 2018/19.

Disclosure: didn’t look at the statements; this is just a guess.

amd went from 2b to 100 b in a span of 5 years. lol