Question About CFA III Essay Format


I have a question about the CFA III essay format that I can’t seem to find an answer online.

Let’s suppose one of the essay questions asks something like “give two reasons to justify XXX.” To maximize my chance of getting all the two reasons correct, would it be a viable strategy to write more than two potential reasons to justify XXX even though there is a decent chance that at least one of my reasons would be wrong?

Let’s assume the question asks for 2 reasons to justify XXX. Would I be penalized if I, say, gave 4 reasons to justify XXX in which 3 of those reasons are correct and one is incorrect?

Thanks very much in advance.

No. Never do that.

they only grade the first 2 answers. make sure you give the top 2 answers. no need for anything more

If you write more than two answers, you’re wasting your time with no possible benefit.

Good question- one that I wanted to ask as well CFAQuanter

Thanks everybody!

I suggest you get someone to grade your mocks. When I wrote my exams, I used and I found them helpful.