Question about Essay parts when they ask for, list 3 reasons, etc.

If they say list 3 reasons, I wrote 4, and the 1st one is wrong, would I get full credit or they just look at the first 3 and say too bad.

Sorry if this has been asked before

my suspicion is you would get docked marks because they are very specific about listing ONLY a certain number and it would avoid just writign down everything you can think of in hoopes the right answer is in there somehwere

What are docked marks?

Yeah I agree dwheats, if we have open space for answers I will do that. I realize now we may get boxes for answers, which kind of prevents you from writing more than what they ask for.

If it asks for 3 reasons, you list 4 with the first being incorrect they will give you points for just the 2nd & 3rd answers. The fourth would not get counted. Check out the exam details page:

“If a question asks for one advantage or two reasons, provide only the one advantage or two reasons requested. In this example, only the first advantage or the first two reasons that you provide will be graded. If you are uncertain, choose the advantage or reasons that you think most strongly and directly support your answer.”

You would get 2/3: 1 for your second reason and 1 for your third reason.

The grader won’t even look at your fourth reason.

I see… thank you both! Very helpful

My pleasure.