Question about level 2

Hey guys,

Just cleared level 1 yesterday (super happy and confident)… But I understand that level 2 is really really a step up.

So I had a question as to how much time on average you think it would take to prep yourself for the exam (i know everyone’s definition of “being prepared” may vary), putting in 5-6 solid hours of study a day.

4 months is enough? Or more?

Got a big decision on my hands whether or not to take it in June and I gotta make it quick. I think I’m gonna give it anyway though cause waiting for 18 months to give level 2 seems a little too long for me. And even not clearing in June will probably be beneficial in a way.

Take a run at it. Even if you fail, it will make you much better prepared for next year.

Just get through the readings and EOC’s by end of April and spend May reviewing. Do that and you should be fine… but pretty sure the number that people throw around is 500 hours recommended, almost double what level 1 took