Question about passing rate

I know this has been discussed extensively on these boards. Below is a copy and paste job from an earlier thread about the results. Approximately how many sections can you get in the 51-70 range and still pass? I know that it is more important to get better grades on sections with more questions (FRA vs Derivs), I am just curious. Thanks. Item Set Q# Topic Max Pts <=50% 51%-70% >70% - Alternative Investments 8 - - * - Corporate Finance 20 - - * - Derivatives 12 - - * - Economics 24 - - * - Equity Investments 24 - - * - Ethical & Professional Standards 36 - - * - Financial Reporting & Analysis 48 - - * - Fixed Income Investments 28 - * - - Portfolio Management 12 - * - - Quantitative Methods 28 - - *

Its impossible to say. Just aim for more than Z 70% overall

Its impossible to say. Just aim for more than 70% overall

That’s what I figured. I got a 65% on the CFAI mock which has shook my confidence quite a bit.

^ well it is commonly accepted that the passing avg will never be over 70 there is nothing stoping it from being over 70, but a lot of guys on AF say that it would be strange for someone to get a report with >70 on all topic and still fail… so your not that far off, keep working

I have seen tons and tons of score reports and have never seen a >70 on all sections be a fail. Not once and someone who got it would have been screaming about it. If you get > 70 on all sections, I guarantee you will pass. Using 40/60/80 which isn’t bad, it’s likely that the passing score is usually between 60 and 65. A 65% on a mock exam is not at all bad with 3 weeks to go. Keep studying and pick up 5-10% more and you should pass easily.

Dumb question - I’ve seen 40/60/80 come up in the past - what does this mean?

To estimate the score on an exam, say that <50 = 40%, 51 -70 = 60%, > 70 =80%. It’s not great for really good or really bad scores but pretty good for most scores.

There is apparently over 100,000 people taking the CFA exam this year, yet there are only being about 90,000 current total chartholders, doesn’t it seem like a probability that the exam pass rates will be much stricter this year? With that much demand, they can afford to raise the standards. Its just speculation, though.