question about the CFA level 1 requirement

Hi, everyone. i am so glad that i can be one of the member of analystforum. I am the international student studying at my final year of my AA degree in a community college. i don`t have or even start a BA degree. Can i still enroll the level 1 exam at December this year? i checked the official website requirement for many time, but i also saw some people on the internet say we can enroll the level 1 without college degree. i am so confused.

Please, guy. i want to solve this problem as soon as possible. Cause the deadline is going to due and i spent many time preparing on it. i really want to try.


I don’t believe you can enroll unless you are a final year student on a bachelors degree course.

The only way to have it confirmed either way is to ask the CFAI.

I’d contact CFAI to be sure.

But four years of work experience is enough even if you don’t have a college degree

Thank you for the reply. I sent an email to cfa, they told me that the requirement degree is self-reporting and this context Candidates who are currently students can take the Level I exam but can only register for Level II after they provide confirmation that they’ve received their degree.”

I know this is a little distorted. But it there any possibility I can report a fake degree and just take the level 1 exam?

I would advise against that. You should represent yourself honestly.

That’s a terrible idea. If caught, you will ruin your reputation and potentially your career. All of the time and expense for the CFA will be wasted. There’s a high chance of being caught because anyone who knows and is a candidate or charterholder might report you. Anyone competing against you will definitely report you.

Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face: