Question about the exam in Germany due to Lockdown

Anyone contacted CFA institute? regarding planned exam in Feb. 2021.
I would like to know if there is a change of the plan.

Three Prometric centers in Germany are currently closed, but two of them are expected to open by February, unless there are changes of plan.

Prometric site closures

Are you a German? and going to take the exam this year? If yes, what is your plan?

I am korean living in Germany and I really want to take the exam soon.
Today Merkel said that the hard lockdown could be extended until April…

So any idea to finish the exam soon?
Do you know any available test center in near country?

No, and also no.

If your test center has to close due to a lockdown, you should receive an email from Prometric. You should also receive an email from the CFA informing of your options. Make sure to check your spam/junk folder. Assuming that your testing center closed and there are other test centers open, you should be able to re-schedule at a different test center at no additional cost.

To check for available seats in any country, go here and click on the Locate button on the left side.