Question about Ticket Printing

It may sound dumb but better safe than sorry. When I am printing the admission ticket it all comes ok except the right vertical line of the box that says morning session etc. Everything else is printed. Does that happen to you? Is it ok to come with a paper like that or is it gonna be some trouble? Thank you

Try a different browser/check your cartridge/toner. Apparently the proctors are real anal about this kinda stuff.

The words above the morning/afternoon section box is a blur. Everything else is fine. Is this going to be a problem?

Same here, I think that won’t matter. As I printed it direct from Internet Explorer, the url is written on the bottom of the page. I wonder why it is an aspx-file. If it was pdf, we wouldn’t have these problems…

Don’t use Firefox to print the ticket. It prints out candidate number and the other field values in code. This, however, does not sound like the same error you are talking about.

It was a firefox thing. Printed the ticket from safari … everything as it is supposed to be. GG