Question for AF...

While I do not remember every exam question there was as I went through the questions, it seems like people here are asking questions regarding potentially tested questions but asking them as general material questions. It is very difficult to discern if people are asking it b/c it is a specific question (and telling everyone it was a question), or b/c they want to know the material etc. Further I am concerned that when people ask questions regarding material, but don’t state that the material was on the exam, it is a violation to post on the forum regarding a formula etc. For example, if someone says “How do you calculate XYZ” or “I don’t remember how to do XYZ”, and you tell them how to do XYZ. Obivously you cannot say that something was tested or not tested, but now I guess best practice would be not to discuss any CFAI material AT ALL after the exam. I would like to be involved in this forum and share knowledge etc but it seems really difficult given people are posting formulaic questions and discussions about hypothetical examples.

What should we do, and how can we address questions that are being disguised?


Dailygrind, it’s concerning, b/c if someone asks a question how to solve something, I enjoy saying how to solve it, but not if it’s giving the impression that it was an exam question.

If it looks like a question that is from the exam, then don’t respond to it.

I don’t think the CFAI can do anything to prevent people asking general questions clarifying details of the curriculum.

It would be a violation to point out that a particular discussion is similar to a question that was on the exam.

If it is phrased in a way that a reasonable person cannot tell if it was on the exam or not then it should be fair game.

Unless the exam were to be a complete curveball it is highly likely that every topic or question would’ve been discussed at some point on AP.