Question for "bpdulog"

Hey bpdulog, i’ve clicked on the website posting that you put on the bottom of your posts and noticed that you work for the OTS. Do you know if bank examining satisfies the work experience requirements? I know that it used to but I wasn’t sure if it still did. I should note that I am an examiner with the OCC.

it does, I was at the Fed along with a lot of co-workers who have the chater

Thanks. Like I said, I know that it used to count but I wasn’t aware of anyone that had obtained the designation since the CFAI changed the work experience requirements. It would be less then optimal to pass all three levels and then find out that my work experience doesn’t count.

Couldn’t agree more, if you still have doubts just email the CFAI and ask, its not like it can count against you or even draw attention to yourself as I’m sure many are wondering the exact same thing. Plus the people who answer the phone sound so bored and annoyed they will prob forget you even called


I’m 95% sure it counts if you work in safety and soundness or in a similar function.