Question for canadians (accounting designations)

Is it worth it to complement the CFA with a CGA or CMA, or is the CA the only logical route if one decides to pursue an accounting designation?

I would say CA is the best. If you want a ranking I would put it as 1)CA 2) CMA 3)CGA. If you are looking to compliment the CFA and work within finance I would postulate that the CA is much more respected, especially internationally, and whenever you see equity research job postings or something along those lines they usually say they prefer CA, CFA or MBA. So going by that id say its the only logical route unless you really like managerial accounting or general accounting.

Nobody in Equity Research cares about CMAs, CGAs

If you plan to move abroad, go for the US CPA.

What skills from a CA are valuable in ER?

jaz Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > What skills from a CA are valuable in ER? Going in-depth with the financial modeling part of ER. Honestly, nothing that the CFA will not teach you (or at least 80% of it). That is why an accounting designation in ER is almost useless, but if I had to chose, CA would be the way to go.