Question for Everyone

I’m a Level 1 candidate freaking out What kind of scores were you getting on the various practice questions at this point before passing level 1. I’m talking Schweser QBank, Volume 1 and 2 and CFAI I got a 65 on the CFAI sample test last weekend. I am getting 70-75 on QBank consistently. The following scores on Volume 6 in order. I reviewed all the material again after the 3rd test so I feel like the two most recent of these is a better indication of where I stand. 57 63 61 74 70 What do you think? Where do I stand? I feel like my scores are very borderline right now, but I feel that I am getting a better grasp of the concepts slooooowwly

I’d say you’re borderline. You shouldn’t panic, but you should kick into high gear for the next 3 weeks. To feel comfortable, you should be getting low-mid 70’s (sometimes high 70’s) on the practice exams, and well into the 80’s on q-bank. I had scores similar to yours with this much time left, and I did all the CFAI tests and Schweser tests and reviewed them each multiple times after completion. I ended up with scores on the final exam of >70 on every section but one. Good luck

^ agree 100%. You are probably ahead of most but need to get those scores up to be sure.

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Q-bank - didn’t use it to gauge my scores at all Schweser tests - average score was around a 74% CFAI tests - all in the high 60s you are probably on your way. keep at it and make sure you understand all the questions you missed and what your strengths are. if there are any minor sections you are getting planted in, now is the time to refocus efforts to others to pick up points. I was getting drilled in econ last year, and sometime around 2 weeks before the test I threw my hands up and refocused on FSA and others. Took my lumps in econ but ended up with a passing score and did well in virtually every other major topic.

I had similar scores, I turned on the afterburners and finished >70% in all but 2. Don’t panic, stay focused and give your all for the next 3 weeks and you’re home free no doubt.

If you don’t mind me asking. What is your definition of high gear? I have 12 full days of studying left plus 8 days where I study after work. I know for a fact that I will need each of the next 2 Fridays off for sanity purposes. I put in 9 hours so far today. Planning on another 9-10 tomorrow.

Your in high gear my friend. You will be fine on test day I’m sure.

Um, yeah. That qualifies as high gear. Although keep in mind, 3 hours of good, efficient studying can easily do more for you than 9 hours of mediocre studying. I rarely ever studied for more than 4 hours at a clip.

Just got an 89% on a 120 question Comprehensive QBank Test. Lots of guesses went my way but, hey an 89 is an 89. Woohoo!