Question for folks who used Stalla for Level 2...

All who used Stalla for Level 2… Please give me the best approach to use the study text, exam CD and the video lecture to peak perform. Also if anyone is interested in selling the Stalla Level 2 material, pls ping. Thx

I hardly opened the books, although they seemed well done. I just used the videos. Also, as I have said elsewhere on this board, I took the weekend mock exam course (which was later supplemented with a very thorough video CD) that went into superb detail on about 100 + questions with instructors covering every aspect of the exam. Stall videos are far, far, far, far, far superior to Schweser videos.

Hey raghavan, I have Stalla level 2 material for sale. E-mail me at if you’re interested.

Agree re: Stalla mock exam… Taking that was really an eye-opener for me in regards to what I needed to focus on. I mean I got a 50% on the Stalla mock and passed the test…

I’m a Stalla fan (though not a Bob Stalla fan), and Peter Olinto is awesome and deserves his cult status. David Hetherington is also a good instructor on the videos, but not as energizing as Peter. I bring Bob Stalla to the dentist’s office so that I can save money by skipping the novacaine injection. “Hello, I’m Bob Stalla, before we begin, let me tell you a bit about my background…”; zzzzzz… “OK, ready to drill!” The videos are very very good. The study guides are very helpful for explaining the material (Schwesser condenses better, Stalla explains better). The sample tests that come with the Stalla packages were too easy, however, and the real exam was tougher (this was the opposite of L1, where I thought the Stalla sample tests were too hard). These tests are different from the mock exam that they do about 2 weeks before the real CFA exam, and although I didn’t do them, people who did say they were really helpful (as above).

mr raghavan, I am also interested in Stalla for L-II, but I do not have them. If you are in India, we can reduce the cost ): Since, regn is not allowed for Indians and do not want to waste time, would like to go thro’ stalla 07 for time being…

Not to thread jack but I didn’t want to open up a new topic for this question: Do you need the Stalla material to effectively participate in Olinto’s seminar? I really want to see how this guy teaches, but I will most likely be sticking with Schweser. If I can take his seminar with schweser books, it would be most ideal. Any ideas? Thx.

Just keep watching the cds again and again. I watched each cd atleast three times. Ihardly opened the books. I practiced questions. I believe that stalla video cds can get you to pass the exam.

^ worst advice I’ve ever heard. I hope you are joking… That advice will result in failing for 95% of people

Aquajohn, Did your strategy work for L3 too? (Watching the CD’s over and over and not opening the books)

I am a Stalla course fan through and through. The Mock Exam seminar? Life saver. I got 40% on that exam and it totally kicked my butt into gear. I passed the actualy CFA exam. I did the live class version and it worked out really well for me.

I’m curious at how much the videos will change from 2007 to 2008. I have the 2007 ones, but considering getting 2008 as I don’t want to repeat again. Thoughts?