Question for June 08

This question is addressed to all who have already taken the Level 1 exam in the past, especially those who sat for the June 08 exam. Which self-test questions are the closest, in level of difficulty, to the real exam? Schweser’s QBank? CFA’s practice exams? Or do neither of them compare to the difficulty of the real exam. I’m just trying to translate how well I did on the practice exams to how well I would do on the real exam. Any help is appreciated.

I would say, Mock Exams, and the End of cfai text chapter questions are the best. (except on SS9) Sample questions then. Schweser questions are good for practise and knowing what you are doing, but test questions are vastly different from schweser questions.

Thanks pepp. Since you’ve obviously taken the exam before, how would you rank the sections in level of difficulty? Hardest? Easiest? (given your background, of course).

Schweser has tons of problems and the test is very qualitative. I felt very prepared for the problems but not so much for the qualitative questions. I would say the end of book questions in Schweser were a good measure as to the difficulty level of the actual exam

In the june08 exam, theection i found the most difficult was PM ethics. PM Fixed income and FSA were more time consuming as well, but nothing out of curriculum hard level. And quant was TRICKY in both AM and PM. Well i should hold my opinions till the result come out cuz for all i know i’d be giving it again.

I agree ethics was very tricky and I had to guess between 2 answers on most of them.

I absolutely hated the ethics section on the exam. It’s the reason I will fail if I did indeed fail, which is quite disappointing because i never got more than 1 ethics question wrong on any sample or mock exam