hi, i am kinda getn into panic mode, here, as far as my plan is concerned. i need help! oK If i stay on target i will fininsh readings the first time, with about. 60 days to go exams. Now I would like to think i have read slow but I have tried “to understand” what is written insted of trying speed ahead with after having a half baked idea of what is there. BUT i feel like i dont remember anything, of what i have read so far, there is just so much that normal? Secondly i am absloutely confused on how to utlize the r60 days optimally. Things i can do are are 1) revisions 2)qbank 3)sample exams 6 sheweser one cfai total 7 . And i have the feeling I need one extremly comprehensive revision and there 1400 or so pages in the notes so this is altealt going to take me about 20 to 25 days at reasonaly high speed. then i would need one more quicker revision about 10 15 days? and then i can either do the sample exams or i can do the q bank. It is impossible to finish the Q bank. NOw i need someone to guide how should I divide these days and what should I do in these days. of all the things i have discussed and for how much time. i will be very grateful . Thank you

have you ever read James Joyce by any chance?

Floyd- Ease up on the readings and do as many Q’s as you can. Make sure you finish the Q Bank and do as many practice exams as possible. Retention is much better when you’re doing Q’s and exams rather than reading. I probably spent 90% of my total L1 study time (~180hrs) doing Q’s and 10% doing readings.

Start doing Qs, not only you will practice but also you will realize you know more than you think. Make sure to, at least, do 4 exams…and keep on re reading as much as you can (I made summaries of summaries of summaries). dont worry you have plenty of time and you ll be fine.

wake2000 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > have you ever read James Joyce by any chance? I queried about the exam as to a mountain flower and drew it into my bosom and smelled the lilac of its rose flavored breath and I felt it breathe its life into my FSA and I said yes I said yes I said Yes…