Question for Level 3 Candidates

Hey guys, I’m a level 2 candidate and I have a question for level 3 candidates. Did you use to get between 50-60 on level 2 mocks and ended up passing? Im facing this problem where i solve the mock exam and i end up getting 50-60% however when i look at the solutions i find them pretty easy and understandable. Any advice is appreciated … I solved 2009-2010-2011 mocks and few mocks from schweser… Thanks

50-60 w/ a month to go isn’t terrible, but I would certainly take some time away from the exams to determine where you are coming up short (FSA, Equity, Fixed?) and focus there for a week or so. Also, if you think you are going to be a borderline pass/fail, review ethics the final week before the exam, it just may push over the top (actually I would do this regardless). I think my low score on mocks for Level II was in the 62-65 range with a high of 75-77. Passed with solid scores, but thought I was on the ropes after the AM session.

It’s not enough to look at an answer after the fact and say “oh yeah, I understand that.” You should keep drilling questions in every area (prioritize any areas you think are going to give you the biggest boost on exam day) until you feel confident you can get the correct answers on exam day. Focus most on the CFAI EOC questions. If you can go through those and answer them without looking for help, you’ll have a good shot on D-day. Actually, at this point I tend to get away from Schweser questions, as I think they can either 1) make you focus on minutiae that is unlikely to be tested or 2) be just plain wrong (like some ethics questions I’ve done). You’re almost there. This is no time to take breaks or slow down. Your hard work now will pay off if you don’t have to take it again. Good luck!

I passed CFAI mock with a 77 the year I passed. I remember others posting scores in the 80s on this forum. I also remember people scoring in the 60s that passed.

I was averaging 65-70 on my practice exams and failed L2 with a Band 10 the first time I took it.

Thanks all … I solved EOC questions 3 times and im planning to solve them two more times. I’m also planning to review official mocks twice and maybe buy the cfa sample test I’m taking 2 weeks off from work for more revision. I will do my best to improve my scores and I will hopefully get to review the study notes 2 times. Thanks again…

absolutely no relationship between mock results and actual exam result…i honestly failed every single one of them damn things prior to both level 1 and level 2 and passed both the first time…i was just using them to learn the material and go back and review weak spots…

27 days is a lot of time to achieve perfection. In Level 2 I scored a 50% on the sample 4 weeks before the big day. No confidence there, but like previous posters have mentioned, work on your weak areas and work hard. Go Mavs!

Scored a 68% on the Stalla live mock two weeks before Level II and passed.

I never passed a single practice exam for L2, averaged about 66% and passed!

i was averaging 60-70 on practice exams on my first level II attempt and was DEFINATELY an ethics adjustment guy…but who cares bc i through it!

Thank you all for your help!!! Ethics is a weakness area for me… I’m doing okay in FSA and Equity though … still got some few weak areas in Equity when it comes to detailed concepts but im getting a hold of it i hope … I hope i’ll submit my 2nd post on here in mid july. good luck in your level 3 exams… wish us luck too … =)