question for re-takers (or first timers)

My guess is the answer to this question is on here somewhere, but I couldn’t find it so I apologize in advance. But, any idea how much “new” material is in this year’s curriculum vs the 2011 exam?

A friend of mine was kind enough to give me his leftover Schweser notes from 2011 and was hoping those would get me by. Thanks for the help.

I would not use the old notes if I were you. There is only one exam left and you should not leave any room for failure. The Behavioral Finance section is entirely new and there have also been inumerous changes in the LOS’s throughout the curriculum. Spend the $350 and get new notes and the sample exam book. You can see the changes in the link below. Good luck!

Thanks for the advice, I figured that’s the answer I would receive on here. :slight_smile:

I would reiterate the first response. I just got done going through the 2012 Behavioral materials and it isn’t even the same animal vs 2011. Do yourself a favor and get the new materials.

Somewhere online I saw a comparison of the LOS from this year to last and there were a decent amount of changes but I imagine its based on the same foundation