Question for Retakers - Topic classification in exam

Hey I’ve noticed in past CFAI mocks they have listed the topic each question relates to. For e.g Vignette 1 is Ethical and Professional Standards and so on. However in this year’s mock they excluded this classification. I know once you have learnt all the content its easy to know which question relates to each topic however I find that when its written it puts you in the correct state of mind to focus on that topic to answer the question (especially under exam conditions). My question is - in the real Level II exam do they list which topic the vignette relates to? Thank you in advance!

They did in 2011.

Thank you herrgrunta!

Hi. Thanks for this.

Just want to confirm, so can anybody else confirm that they are still providing / expected to provide the topic lists in the Level II Exam?

The CFA Mocks in 2009 had the list, but they seems to have dropped the lists from the 2010 and 2011 Mock exams. Seems strange that they dropped them for the mocks but put them in the actual exam.

thanks to anybody that can help ?