Question for retakers

Hi I am a retaker and have a cash flow situation and would prefer to register in February 2011. However I want to start reveiwing now to avoid any chance of failing. My strategy is to continue using schweser and CFAI which I used for this years exam (I failed FSA and PM and did well on the remaining sections). I would appreciate advice/comments from retakers given that syllabus doesnt change more than 5% yoy Thanks

Sounds good to me, except it might be cumbersome for you to switch your well-worn study books for brand new ones come February. But if it is as you say, that you can’t register with CFA Institute now, then that is what it is. You might also want to consider the psychology in studying from last year’s books, which you know for sure are somewhat out of date, but I guess you’ve considered that already as well. If you have, if you’re scrutinizing your home, some unimportant belongings that you can sell to free up some cash, that might solve the cash flow problem; I’ve seen some such programs on the telly, and it’s amazing how much money people can make from the occasional carboot sale. In those cases it was more a question of amortizing bad debt, rather than purchasing the curriculum, naturally.

I’m retaking and I’m using my old Stalla books. those pirates aren’t getting more money from me for <5% change (if that). All I’m going to spend money on this time is registration (obviously) and a question bank, still not sure who from.

This might help regarding curriculum changes for Level 2 between June 2010 and June 2011… Cheers