Question for second timers who took mock 1

For those who have already taken a real Level 1 exam in the past, and have taken the Mock 1 exam available from CFAI, can you comment on how simliar the difficulty level was on the Mock 1 compared to the real thing?

It is darn close if you ask me. The exam really brought back the memories from Dec’07.

Thats good to hear. And FisherSU, whats your opinion on Book 6/7 or the QBank when compared to the real one?

Book 7 is close in terms of the format of the questions, a lot of 2x4s, but a bit conceptually more demanding. Book 6 is calculation intensive when compared to the real exam, and the wording of the questions is a bit off too. Qbank is useful as a concept refresher.

Very similar to the exam I took in December '07. Book 6 is harder and questions are longer. One would not have enough time to complete the exam. Excellent questions in my opinion, though! Great job in testing like five different concepts in the one question.