Question for those that used Stalla

Just wondering if you know when the cds will stop working? I think I read somewhere end of December but someone else told me it would be one year from the date that you purchased them - I am not sure? Any help would be appreciated.

yo yo My software expires on March 15 but I think u can apply to get all new software for free as long as you finished all the lectures and did all the HW’s

Mine expires in June 2009, purchased it in April 2008

Yeah I’m pretty sure it expires 9 months after you install it

Just installed mine… for June 2009 Level I, it’s exactly one year from the installation date.

I think this sucks…that it has to expire 1 year later…you already paid big bucks for it…it should be yours for keeping. Just in case, circumstances ( life) happens and you can’t retake the exam within that 1 year. I say we contact Stalla for a change in their policy.