Question for those who failed?

I’m wondering what do you do for work (Position, Title)? I’m curious.

When you register for the CFA level 2 exam you can write on your resume that you are a CFA level 2 candiate. Until then, your not allowed to legally put it in your resume.

Thats not what I meant. I’m just curious about the people that failed level 2. For example, if there are people from Goldman Sachs, hedge funds or portfolio managers failing level 2.

so what, PhDs in finance fail this exam. they suck it up like everyone else

CFAdummy, I’m an associate PM (buy side) and I failed @ daj the question wasn’t about sucking it up it was whether you are already employed in the industry

When I started studying for level II I was pricing derivatives on a trading floor for a fixed income shop; place lost 4 billion, man I wish I still worked there, awesome job for someone out of college. Now I analyze and model European structured finance deals, which basically means I sit around bored all day. I passed level one in Dec 07, and just FAILED level II. In retrospect I don’t know if it was the wisest decision for me to try and do the 18months thing, I was really burned out around May.

sorry, maile. i misunderstood the question : (

IT software development mgr for a buy-side firm. Have supported HedgeFunds, Fixed Income and Equity Research over the years (both BackOffice and FrontOffice)

IT Software Engineer Consulting for Wall Street companies. I failed too.

Investment Strategist for a national bank and I failed too.

sounds like an AA meeting! manager, investor reporting (back office type stuff) & I failed too!

i banking… dont know why im taking this investment management credential… mnmnmn… yes i do. used to be in asset management when i started the program, made me take it, now i want to finish it. failed level II… twice.

Still a student Was hoping that level 2 would add some strength to my resume, now hopeless about job in coming future :frowning:

I’ll let you guess at the job title, but I work within the energy industry.

Sell-side equity research analyst.

Controller of Securities Lending firm

Maile, where do you work if you dont mind me asking?

caspian Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Maile, where do you work if you dont mind me > asking? caspian, I’m a “relationship” PM vs a pure analyst, but that’s what I like about the buy side we get to do both. with one of the big 5 Canadian Banks, Private Investment Counsel, and have a “small” book (relative to my peers) that I’m building while supporting a senior PM. @ daj, no harm done


sell side ER