Question for those who have recently passed L1

Hi all,

Thought it would be best to post in the L2 forum as it will be frequented by people who have passed L1 in the last year.

How were you doing in your mock scores? And how did this compare to what you finally got?

I’m currently in the mid 70s on Schweser and CFAI mocks, but just wanted some reassurance from those who have been through the same thing.

You will be fine

CFA mocks are tougher than the Actual CFA Exams…

Level I is a walk in the park compared to this mate. Just enjoy the moment while you can, drink beer, party and have a great time until the real work starts at Level II.

If you’re getting 70+ on mocks then you’ll be fine. I was in the mid 75s and found the exam a lot easier. At first I thought it was a joke.

I wish i was getting mid 75s again for L2.

btw, i sat for L1 in June 2014 not Dec…

All the best!

I wouldnt get overconfident, i was getting high 60s/low 70s in June at L1 and barely passed. Focus on the heavily weighted sections and do plenty of ethics questions if you’re not averaging 75%+ on those. The ethics adjustment might have saved me last year.

Did any of you guys struggle with econ, feel like that is my worst considering how much material there is. Should I just focus on practice problems or go back to the book and try to re-learn concepts from econ text?

Memorize equations for econ and jump right into practice problems. Focus more on FRA, Ethics, Quant. They are more efficient sections.

I got similar mock scores at L1 and did very well (be prepared for Mock scores meaning a whole lot less at L2 though).

ECON was by far my worst topic at L1. I got real lucky and just happened to get asked questions on the few ECON topics I knew well. Just memorize all the ECON formulas you can because it’s probably a little late in the game to do anything more than that.

Keep banging out practice problems until D-Day and gl!

don’t slack if your scoring at 75. if your scoring high 70s consistently then may as well drink some brews and get ready for L2

Would you guys say level 1 is more numerical/calculation based or more theory/narrative questions? It is hard to gage using the CFA problems because it is such a good mix.

Thanks for the advice. I will finish of my Schweser papers and do some light review over the next 5 days.

I don’t feel confident that I know anything in much detail, but it seems you can’t - strategy seems to be just know an adequate amount about everything to be able to answer a multiple choice Q on it.

Don’t do light review. Do intensive review. Only a few days left. You do not want to retake.

Are you guys doing 10 hour studying days or what is your typical day now? My head literally starts to spin after 6+ hours…