Question for those who relied exclusively/primarily on third-party study guides

Was there anything on Saturday’s exam that you had never seen in your studying?

Don’t say what – recall that you’re not allowed to discuss the specifics of the exam – just whether or not there were ideas, phrases, or what-have-you that you didn’t encounter in your studying.

Feel free to identify the prep provider if you’re so disposed.


Studied with Schweser and did additionally the CFA material EOCs and the PDF mock exam.

There were one or two questions I couldn’t deal with because they were not covered in the material. At least I think they were not covered. Which is ok since the Schweser material was just half of CFAI material ;).

I’m very satisfied with the Schweser material especially with Schweser Notes. I didn’t use Qbank and the Schweser mock exams very much so I think I will order the Notes only for the next level.

Studied partially with Schweser and some single questions were not covered

Schweser, and I had a few of these as well. I’d guess max 4 questions spread over AM and PM.

Except for Ethics I studied with Schweser notes and Qbank (+ CFAI EOCs and mock exams) and I didn’t see any question that was not covered.

I’ll definitely use Schweser again for level II.

There was one specific question that I know was not from any material I had run into when studying. Other than that I used Kaplan and will be using them again

Used Schweser only and the syllabus was adequately covered, in my opinion. Don’t recall seeing a single question I wasn’t eqipped to handle.

I am hoping to rely on Schweser for level 2 as I particularly hate reading.

I used the Schweser Qbank and mock exams, but the CFAI material (did not read / review 100% of it due to the volume of information).

The repetition of the Qbank and mock exams was very useful, as were the performance reports to identify areas for improvement. I would recommend the material, and will be purchasing the full suite for Level 2.

I used Schweser notes, QBank, and mocks (5), the CFAI mock, and read the Ethics portion of the curriculum. One question in particular on the AM I read and said to myself, “I have never heard that phrase in my life.” In total, I’d say there were 2-3 questions I was quite unfamiliar with.

If this go does in fact end up being a pass, I’ll use Schweser for Level II. May even spring for the full suite with lectures.

I used both Schweser and Wiley Elanguides, and I spent most of my time on Elanguides. I found it to be a much better choice and I highly recommend it. I only did the Practice Questions of Elanguides, the EOC questions in the curriculum, and the topic questions and 1 mock test provided by CFA Institute. There was nothing I found unfamiliar in the exam, and I finished both sessions 1 hour early. For Level II (assuming I pass Level I), I will definitely continue using Elanguides, but probably spend time reading all of the curriculum as well.