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For those of you that have taken L2 already… were any of the questions based upon the answers of the previous questions? IE Questions 1: what is the price of a currency forward contract. Question 2: Using the forward price (calculated from question 1), calculate the current value of a currency forward contract. Do we need to worry about bombing entire vignettes because we answered one of the questions wrong? Tkx

No each question is mutually exclusive…However, I did find the vignettes Q tend to narrow into specific topics and if they hit you up on one of your weak points that could spell T…R…O…U…B…L…E. Another shocker… you will be surprised how much material won’t be on the exam.

Thanks…I was actually surprised how much material did not show up on the L1 exam so that does not surprise me. I prepared so much for FSA and there was hardly any questions. Glad to hear your answer. I was worried because some of the questions in the Schweser material are definitely not mutually exclusive.

If you re new to the forum the best advise this retaker can give is to read the CFAI text and be sure you nail those EOC questions. They are more like the exam. Throw the QBank on the backburner for L2.

I remember some questions in Schweser (and not in cfai) that were like this: 1. What is the nominal interest rate? a) 4.5 b) 6 c) 7.1 2. Assume the nominal interest rate is 6, … lol I’ve literally seen this stuff from Schweser. Schweser at level 2 is as fatal as it can get. i’d recommend not relying solely on Schweser, especially for practice questions.

thanks for the advice, i’m trying to hit the EOC based on Schweser but if i have the least bit of trouble its back to the cfai texts

Hahaha Assume the nominal interest rate is 6… Love those questions