Question from a L2 candidate

Hello, I know its crunch time but i was hoping some of you could help calm my nerves. I am a L2 candidate and I’m normaly not the kind of person to post this stuff but I am freaking out a little. After taking all the Schweser Book6 and CFAI exams should I be confident or worry about averaging 74%? Sometimes my confidence is running high then other times I get worried that these scores are not all that great. How were all of you doing at this point before you passed L2? Thanks Much!

I scored between 40 and 60 on all 5 CFAI sample exams. 74 is a great score.

I agree 74 is really good. I was getting in the mid sixties on all practice tests… and I passed. Let’s hope for a repeat on L3

you’re good get some rest

Good luck guys! thanks for the encouragement!