Question - Investor Relations

I am considering applying for the below position (currently in a Trust department at a bank) and was intrigued with the number and quality of contacts that an IR firm must have. I can not see myself doing IR for the long term but I would imagine the skills would provide for good exit opportunities. Although this could just be a glorified “sales” position for the IR firm. Just running it by AF if anyone has a comment. Also, any ideas on CFA qualifying experience? Investor Relations firm seeking a junior associate to originate and maintain broker dealer/fund relations. As a junior associate you will have significant interactions with Broker Dealers, Fund/Money Managers as well as CEO’s and CFO’s of publicly traded companies. The role will require operation within a very fast paced environment with the majority of the day spent making calls to financial contacts. Key responsibilities will include: • Researching, calling, and following up with Broker Dealers. • Supporting all aspects of the client relationship • Developing and maintaining strong relationships with corporate executives • Attending industry conferences and seminars to solicit new business • Supporting the operations of the Investment Banking team to gain direct experience including Reverse Mergers, Investor Relations and Capital Raises. Qualifications: The candidate will have completed an undergraduate degree in finance or a related discipline. They must possess an understanding of equity markets and financial statements. Excellent written and verbal communications skills are a must. The successful candidate will have strong interpersonal skills, high personal integrity, a strong work ethic, and have a relentless desire for success. Relevant work in Corporate Finance, Investment Banking, Institutional Sales, or similar experience desired, but not required.

Definitly a glorified (well paid, eventually) sales role but if you have any ambition of gettign into institutional sales (which pays extreamly well) with a broker/dealer this is definitly a great way to make the contacts need to break in. Just my 2 BOE.

I think there are two kinds of IR departments. i) savvy and slick, where IR is a route to the top and ii) “backwater” IR, where they have no clue what to do.

Thanks for giving me your opinions. Since I do not see myself in an institutional sales role (or a primarily sales based role) at this time, it is not for me.