Question - NBA finals - Go Lakers

Is it Ethical to watch finals a day before the exam !! YES OR NO

Yes, cause its actually 2 days til the exam. You can study all day tomorrow!

I beg to differ! Watch your game if you want to but don’t study tomorrow.

When I was getting ready a while back, I said to myself that I would leave the last day to relax and just watch tv or hang out with friends because by now, I should know what I need to know… unfortunately I don’t feel ready so for me it’s unethical.

to each his/her own… personally, i’m hitting the gym in the morning, skimming ethics, and pretty much hanging out. i’m sure plenty of people will be cramming away though.

I will be CRAMMMING AWAYYYYYY - LIKE CRAZY - 4 am _ I should be awake !

Go Celtics, Dynasty vs. Dynasty… gotta love it, hey, is anyone else’s head spinning because of all the info in there, It’s making me crazy!!! this has been the longest week of my life. Does anyone on here know what an Ironman is? I did three last year, CFA level 1 is harder than all of them put together!!!