Question of the Week

Nelly devotes her budget each week to both beans and beef. Beans are an inferior good costing $1 per can. A pound of beef, a normal good, sets Nelly back $5. As Nelly’s income increases from $50 to $75 per week, her consumption of beans most likely _____.

A. Decreases

B. Remains constant

C. Increases


Inferior goods, by definition, are purchased less as income increases. All you need to know is that beans are an inferior good and that Nelly’s income increases.

The situation illustrates why a good might be inferior – why might you buy less of it as you get more money? In this case, Nelly needs to eat something. She would rather have beef, but it is expensive. If Nelly has very little income, she may have to spend all her money on beans. As her income increases, she uses the excess money to switch her purchases over from beans to beef.

A - Decreases , because if your income increase you’ll consume less inferior goods and more normal or superior goods.