Question on Best Value Study Notes Provider

I was wondering if anyone has any opinion on which study notes provider provides the best value study program for level II. I’ve used Schweser for Level I last year and found it pretty good and was planning to order the study notes for Level II, but just wanted to see if anyone else had any other recommendation based upon their experience. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

There’s a button on your page spelled S-E-A-R-C-H. Give it a test drive.

I was just asking for a unbiased, experience based advice. This knowing that the people on this forum usually have a more indepth knowledge of all things related to prepping for the CFA. But obviously you’re not one of them. J-E-R-K.

I think your best bet is relying mainly on the CFAI materials while using a prep-course provider as merely a supplement. CFAI books aren’t that bad and I don’t think they are THAT much longer than Schweser notes. I’m using Stalla’s Passmaster for homework/quizzes and I’m really happy with it. Then again, I failed L2 last time around using Scwheser, so I may be biased…

Ferium, I’d post the link if possible but I can’t do that, so I’ll tell you how to get the information that you desire. Click on the “search button”. Type in “stalla schweser” in the box. Select “only this forum” and “past 90 days”. You get 306 hits. Most looked to be relevant at first glance. You’re welcome.